Advice From a Successful Leader and CEO with Eric Powers

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Advice From a Successful Leader and CEO with Eric Powers

In this episode:

Eric Powers is the CEO of Glofin, a company that provides pre-settlement cash advances to consumers and physicians when they need it most. He is also the CEO of OMNI Healthcare, a leading expert in financing and servicing medical lien receivables.

In addition to his roles as CEO, Eric is the President of Encyte Management, a trusted provider of personal injury revenue cycle management services. He first began his career in commercial real estate and has since gone on to lead and grow a number of successful businesses.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Eric Powers’ transition from a commercial real estate broker to the CEO of Glofin
  • How to start a successful business: identify your big, hairy, audacious goal
  • Eric talks about Glofin and OMNI Healthcare’s services for personal injury attorneys and their clients
  • What is the secret to running a large company?
  • Eric discusses a typical day in his life as a CEO
  • The wisdom Eric gleaned from his mentors and how to find the right mentor for you
  • Eric’s advice on how to stay motivated after a failure

In this episode…

What does it take to be a successful leader? What are the responsibilities and challenges of running a large company? And, most importantly, how can you leverage your leadership role to empower your team and achieve success?

Eric Powers is the CEO of both Glofin and OMNI Healthcare. With years of experience running successful businesses, Eric has valuable insight into what it’s like to lead a team and grow a large company to even larger heights. So, what are Eric’s tried-and-true strategies for being an effective leader, achieving your professional goals, and staying motivated along the way?

In this episode of The Guts and Glory Show, Luis Scott talks with Eric Powers, the CEO of Glofin and OMNI Healthcare, about his path to becoming a CEO, his methods for leading a company, and his advice on how to successfully grow a business. From achieving goals, to finding a mentor, to rising from failure, Eric shares his expert tips on how to become a successful leader and CEO. Stay tuned.

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