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Are you an ordinary law conference organizer, or an extraordinary one?

Ordinary law conference organizers pick presenters who are experts in their fields—without knowing or making sure that the presenters are also fantastic speakers who have a track record of moving, inspiring, and exciting audiences.

Extraordinary law conference organizer pick presenters who are experts in their fields—and who are also fantastic speakers.

If you’re an extraordinary law conference organizer, Luis Scott is the obvious choice 
as a keynote speaker for your next conference.

Luis combines deep domain knowledge and impressive results both as a lawyer and a business owner… with a proven capacity to connect with your law conference audience, captivate them, and inspire them towards their greatest goals.

“8FF has been instrumental in setting the foundation for our law practice to scale and achieve unprecedented growth.”

In less than one (1) year of working with Luis Scott and his team we were able to increase our retainers by over 50% and increase our top-line revenue by over 23%. This year, we’re on pace to double those numbers. Gone are the days of being understaffed, overworked, with only incremental growth to show for it.. Now we have a law business that works for us.

David Benn
Work Injury Rights

“8 Figure Firm has single handedly helped me scale my business by 10x.”

The knowledge, the confidence in my abilities to run a 7 figure business and continue scaling up would not have been possible without Luis and the mentorship he has provided. I've had business coaches in the past but none has had such an impact in my personal and business life. I highly recommend using 8 Figure Firm if you are looking to scale your business and have a good time while you do it.

Armando Leduc
Leduc Entertainment

“8 Figure Firm has been a driving force behind my firm's success.”

Luis helps me solve problems that I didn't know existed and he consistently causes me to uplevel my leadership skill set and my decision making process. The team exhibits the highest level of customer service I have ever experienced. Information is always accurate, responses to issues turn around very fast and are always delivered with respect and concern for my business' future.

Charlotte Christian
Charlotte Christian Law

“They’ve been a great help in helping us double last year and having a run rate to double again this year.”

The phrase of “implementation” that 8FF focuses on has been vital to our growth. They do a great job of simplifying issues to small steps that are doable in implementing. They’ve been a great help in helping us double last year and having a run rate to double again this year.

Jorge Virguez
Barrios and Virquez

Luis Scott's coaching helped me grow my law firm from $785,000 in sales to $4.1M in 24 months!

My law firm helps companies and individuals start and grow nonprofits that impact the world. The fact that he could help my firm grow even though we're in a very unique market proves that he can help any business grow. He is the real deal!"

Audrey K. Chisholm
Chisholm Law Firm, PLLC

We have now gone from $65,000 in revenue per month to $167,000 in revenue per month in just one year!

When I hired Luis, I was experiencing so much employee turnover. In addition to this, I was getting burned out from having to do all of the marketing, consults, sales and legal work. After just one year of working with Luis, I was able to hire an incredible team, reduce turnover and hire several lawyers. We have now gone from $65,000 in revenue per month to $167,000 in revenue per month in just one year!

Ayesha Chidolue
The Chidolue Law Firm

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Luis Scott’s

Crowd-Pleasing Speaking Topics

The 8-Figure Law Firm:

The Proven Principles to Achieve Exponential Growth

This talk is for any law firm owner or future law firm owner has not been able to experience explosive growth in their business yet. You could be like I was and be generating revenues of $2-3 million without being able to really take off. Or you could simply be working for someone hoping you could one day go out on your own. Either way, the principles in this talk will absolutely transform your law firm into 8 or even 9 figures if you implement them properly.

Everything You Need to Know About Marketing for Lawyers

How did Bader Scott grow to $100 million in annual settlements and a valuation of $40 million in just 4 years? It wasn’t luck. One of the major factors was all the marketing know-how you’re going to learn in this gripping talk, which will have you taking notes with brilliant ideas can start implementing the moment you get back from the conference, so you start scaling your business are reaching your goals.

Everything You Need to
Know About Marketing
for Lawyers
It Has to Hurt

It Has to Hurt:

Accepting Life’s Harsh Reality, Finding Yourself Along the Way, and Enjoying the Journey

Life is full of hardship. The question is: Are you willing to stand firm in knowing who you are so you can cope with the problems in your life? Are you willing to believe that you were made for more? Are you willing to accept that you have something to contribute to this world no matter how hard it may get?
This talk will help you form a strategy to do just that. It will help you identify who you are so you can engage in your true passion and develop a legacy that will impact people for generations to come. Because when you operate in your true light, it radiates to other people.


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