Building Your Personal Brand to Market Your Business with Lee Heyward

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Building Your Personal Brand to Market Your Business with Lee Heyward

In this episode:

Lee Heyward is a successful entrepreneur and image strategist. She is the Founder of The Prosperous Image, a consulting firm that helps elite service professionals curate a brand that gives them an edge in their industry. Lee is also the best-selling author of Simply Effortless Style and Strategically Suited.

Lee has over ten years of experience in brand building and image creation. From a young age, she has loved using clothing and style to help people feel their best and reach their goals.

In this episode…

Dressing for success isn’t just about the clothes you wear. As image strategist Lee Heyward says, it’s about aligning your style with where you want to go in life. So, how can you put an image together that reflects your individual goals and future achievements?

According to Lee, the way you dress is an essential part of growing your personal brand and your business. Dressing for success will not only make yourself feel confident, but it will also make others feel confident in you. That’s why she suggests curating an image that will help you make a good impression everywhere you go.

In this episode of The Guts and Glory Show, Luis Scott sits down with Lee Heyward, the Founder of The Prosperous Image, to talk about how to build your personal brand and grow your business. Lee explains why you should align your closet with where you want to go in life, her strategies for identifying your individual style, and the importance of dressing for success even while working from home. Stay tuned for more.

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