Discovering Your Passion and Living with Intention with Corey Geary

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Discovering Your Passion and Living with Intention with Corey Geary

In this episode:

Corey Geary is the Director of Marketing at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers and a marketing consultant for 8 Figure Firm. He oversees a multi-seven-figure marketing budget and has helped craft the legal industry’s “signature customer journey.”

Prior to joining Bader Scott, Corey worked as an account manager at Pearson Education for colleges and universities in Georgia before taking a position in business development at Salesforce. When Corey isn’t thinking about marketing, he’s outside exploring, ranking restaurants in Atlanta, or spending time with his wife and their pug, Odie.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Corey Geary talks about how he got started in marketing at a young age
  • How do you harness a passion that isn’t readily apparent?
  • Corey discusses the “signature customer journey” and how to use it in any business
  • The gutsiest—and most fulfilling—decision that Corey has ever made
  • Corey’s advice to someone who wants to make a change in their professional life
  • How to effectively deal with criticism: think in the long-term
  • The valuable advice that Corey received from one of his mentors
  • What can you do today to elevate your success?

In this episode…

Are you doing what you really want with your personal and professional life? Corey Geary, the Director of Marketing at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers, believes that your time on earth should be spent doing something that you truly love. So, how can you start following your passion—in and out of the office—today?

According to Corey, you have put yourself in the driver’s seat if you want to pursue your dreams. And, more often than not, making an intentional decision to take control of your future requires a lot of guts. However, as Corey has shown with his transformative career change, the gutsiest decisions can also be the most fulfilling.

Tune in to this episode of The Guts and Glory Show as Luis Scott is joined by Corey Geary, the Director of Marketing at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers. Corey talks about his career journey and how he found the guts to pursue his passion for marketing. He also shares his advice for discovering your passion, his insights into how the customer journey has evolved, and his thoughts on the importance of being intentional with your time. Stay tuned.

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