From Humble Beginnings to Achieving Big Dreams With Noemi Puntier

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From Humble Beginnings to Achieving Big Dreams With Noemi Puntier

In this episode:

Noemi Puntier is the Founder and Principal Attorney at Puntier Law Firm, LLC, a community-based firm exclusively representing immigrants in family and immigration matters. In every aspect of her work, Noemi aims for excellence, integrity, and transparency. Along with her associate, Richard Panachida, she hosts a radio and Facebook show called Café con Leyes to educate listeners on the latest legal issues.

While Noemi enjoys serving as an advocate and attorney on a daily basis, her true passion lies in reaching underserved young women. She is part of the #heelsinthecourtroom movement, where she combines faith, law, and entrepreneurship to encourage and uplift female attorneys. Noemi also founded Girl Lawyer on a Mission to provide a platform and support system for young women aspiring to enter the legal field.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Noemi Puntier discusses her background and how that fueled her passion to serve others
  • Why Noemi began her own law firm
  • Noemi’s most memorable win
  • What has Noemi learned about running a business from Luis Scott?
  • A stand-out immigration case in Noemi’s career
  • The best advice Noemi has received: be unapologetic about your dreams

In this episode…
Growing up in the Bronx in an immigrant family, Noemi Puntier was taught to dream big and be a shining light in the world. She now dedicates her career to serving others, offering legal services to support immigrant families in her community. How did she get her start, and what has she learned along the way?

As a first-generation college graduate, Noemi didn’t have a clear path laid out for her. So, driven by her desire to have a bigger voice and a greater impact in the community, she reached out to an acquaintance who helped her get her start in small claims court. Moving up the ladder — and eventually into a corporate firm on Wall Street — Noemi decided that she wanted to share her passion through her own firm. Now, she’s providing tools and advice to educate other lawyers with a passion to serve.

In this episode of The Guts and Glory Show, Chad Franzen talks with Noemi Puntier, Founder and Principal Attorney at Puntier Law Firm, LLC, about using passion to fuel big dreams. Noemi shares some astounding stories from her career, the best advice she’s received from her mentors, and how she’s working to support other growing lawyers.

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