Giving It Your All With Charlotte Christian

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Giving It Your All With Charlotte Christian

In this episode:

Charlotte Christian is the Founder of Charlotte Christian Law, a firm dedicated to protecting clients from unfair legal situations without destroying the family. Born and raised in Alabama, Charlotte is committed to helping those who experienced loss overcome their hardships and build a new life. After losing her father and her husband, Charlotte knows what it means to practically and legally create a future filled with hope, security, opportunity, and happiness.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Charlotte Christian discusses why she became an attorney
  • Charlotte’s favorite story from her practice
  • How 8 Figure Firm has helped Charlotte grow in her career
  • What does it take to start your own practice?
  • The best advice Charlotte has received from mentors — and her favorite books

In this episode…

When you’re running a business, you have to go all in. For Charlotte Christian, this meant leaving what she knew, stepping out of her comfort zone, and completely rebuilding. How did she do it?

As someone who lost her father and husband, Charlotte understands the fear of losing loved ones. That’s why she decided to become an attorney and start her own practice. She understands the pain and created her firm to offer crucial support to families and individuals struggling with loss and other tough situations. Knowing that she had to give her whole self in order to succeed, Charlotte uprooted her life — she gave up a secure income, moved to a different city, made new relationships, and built a fresh marketing plan, all for the benefit of her business.

In this episode of The Guts and Glory Show, Chad Franzen sits down with Charlotte Christian, the Founder of Charlotte Christian Law, to talk about her journey of building up a business. Charlotte shares her favorite stories from her career, what she learned from Luis Scott and 8 Figure Firm Consulting, and how advice from mentors leads her from strength to strength.

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