How a Giving Mindset Can Grow Your Business with Michael Mogill

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How a Giving Mindset Can Grow Your Business with Michael Mogill

In this episode:

Michael Mogill is an international entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Crisp Video Group. His company provides unparalleled services to help law firm owners achieve exponential growth via superior brand differentiation, world-class video marketing, and exclusive leadership coaching. Crisp Video Group has been recognized four years in a row on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in the U.S., and it has also been rated as one of Atlanta’s Best Places to Work.

Michael is also a highly requested public speaker, the international best-selling author of The Game Changing Attorney, and the host of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast. He has been featured in Forbes, Inc., The Wall Street Journal, and more.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Michael Mogill, the Founder and CEO of Crisp Video Group, shares his early entrepreneurial experience
  • How Michael’s hobby turned into a successful business venture
  • Why is it important for entrepreneurs to adopt a giving mindset?
  • Overcoming obstacles while building your own business
  • How to deal with the criticism you receive as an entrepreneur
  • Michael talks about his experience working with his wife, who is the Director of Operations at Crisp Video Group
  • A mentor that has impacted Michael during his career
  • Michael’s advice to someone who wants to start a business from scratch

In this episode…

People often believe that the most important aspect of building a business is making a profit. However, Michael Mogill, the Founder and CEO of Crisp Video Group, believes that the key to running a successful business is actually adopting a mindset where your main focus is helping your clients and contributing to your community.

Michael, who built one of the most successful companies in the legal industry, knows firsthand that reinvesting in your own people is the key to scaling your business. That’s how he took Crisp Video Group from $500 in revenue in 2012 to one of Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S. four years running.

Join Luis Scott in this episode of The Guts and Glory Show as he talks to Michael Mogill, the Founder and CEO of Crisp Video Group. Michael discusses how he got his start in the legal industry, his beliefs about success, and the lessons he learned while building his company from the ground up. He also shares his advice for entrepreneurs that are thinking about starting their own businesses. Stay tuned.

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