How To Scale a Business in Any Industry With Chad Clements

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How To Scale a Business in Any Industry With Chad Clements

In this episode:

Chad Clements is the Co-owner of Dat Band, a live event band that makes music for memories. Chad is an entrepreneur and a third-generation musician with over 13 years of experience in professional sales, from small B2B institutions to Fortune 5 companies. Chad has strengths in relationship building and is passionate about helping clients find solutions to their problems.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Chad Clements talks about Dat Band and what they do
  • Chad explains his role in Dat Band and how the band came together
  • Lessons Chad learned on the business side of launching Dat Band that he didn’t know during his time as a musician
  • How did Chad discover 8 Figure Firm and what lessons did he learn from working with Luis Scott?
  • How Dat Band scaled their business
  • Chad shares a “guts and glory” story about rebounding after the pandemic
  • The recruitment challenges Dat Band faces and how they solve them
    Where did Chad get his inspiration to be a musician?

In this episode…
Are you a musician that would like to have a successful business someday? What is the key to running a profitable business in the events industry?

Having a successful business can be easy as long as you have a plan, a good team, and the right strategies to execute your strategy. It’s also valuable for business leaders to have mentors or consultants that they can seek advice from when they run into a problem. As Chad Clements says, a good business is a good business as long as you do it right — it doesn’t matter the industry you are in.

In this episode of The Guts and Glory Show, Chad Franzen sits down with Chad Clements, the Co-owner of Dat Band, to explain how to scale a business in the music industry. Chad shares the business lessons he learned from launching a live event band, the process he’s using to scale the business, and the challenges Dat Band has faced and how they solve them.

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