How to Successfully Launch Your Entrepreneurial Career with Nash Cohen

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How to Successfully Launch Your Entrepreneurial Career with Nash Cohen

In this episode:

Nash Cohen is a serial entrepreneur, athlete, consultant, and the Director of Accelerate. Through Accelerate, Nash helps start-ups get organized, raise capital, and secure the right investment partner. Nash and his team have a passion for new ideas, disruption, and innovation, as well as the founders that embody these elements.

Nash has been a disruptive force in sales and business for the past 23 years. In addition to his role at Accelerate, he is currently the Director at Fitboxx UK and 1QL LTD. He is also the former Director of Student Hotels and the former CEO of Hashtag Hotels.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Nash Cohen explains how he earned the title, “Chief Troublemaker”
  • What drove Nash to become an entrepreneur, and what is the reality of true entrepreneurship?
  • Nash talks about his journey building Hashtag Hotels — and the number one lesson he learned along the way
  • How Accelerate helps start-up companies secure investments
  • Nash’s advice for new entrepreneurs looking to launch their career and create an effective marketing strategy
  • Nash discusses the book that has had the biggest impact on his life

In this episode…
Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, but not everyone will succeed in doing so. According to Nash Cohen, focus, drive, and fire are only one percent of an entrepreneur’s journey; the other 99 percent is hard work. So, what is Nash’s advice for new entrepreneurs looking to work through the challenges and launch a successful career?

As a professional athlete-turned-entrepreneur, Nash has faced many doubts and obstacles while pursuing his aspirations. With his competitive spirit, Nash used his passion to overcome criticism and begin a successful path toward entrepreneurship. For Nash, entrepreneurship isn’t about the rewards — it’s about the process. As he says, once you learn to love the process, you’ll see life-changing results.

In this episode of The Guts and Glory Show, Luis Scott is joined by Nash Cohen, the Director of Accelerate, to talk about his best practices for starting your entrepreneurial journey. Nash shares the valuable lessons he learned throughout his career, how his company is helping start-ups build effective business strategies, and the steps you can take to succeed as an entrepreneur. Stay tuned!

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