Instilling a Warrior Ethos with John Berry

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Instilling a Warrior Ethos with John Berry

In this episode:

John Berry is the CEO of Berry Law Firm, a nationwide practice that helps veterans in all 50 states. Under John’s leadership, Berry Law Firm has become one of the top five fastest growing law firms in the Midwest and has made the Inc. 5000 and Law Firm 500 lists for three consecutive years. John’s primary practice areas include state and federal criminal defense, civil litigation, and veterans’ disability appeals.

In addition to his victories in the courtroom, John has also completed Airborne School and Ranger School and led soldiers in deployments to Iraq and Bosnia. He finished his distinguished military career after serving over 20 years in the active U.S. Army and the National Guard.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • John Berry talks about how his background in sports has influenced his career path
  • John’s advice on discovering your passion and integrating it into your business
  • The setbacks that John has overcome throughout his life
  • What John attributes to the success of his firm
  • What is the “warrior ethos?”
  • The gutsiest decisions that John has ever made as a trial attorney and business owner
  • Dealing with the accountability and responsibility that come with running a successful business
  • John shares the daily rituals that keep him balanced and motivated
  • The most valuable lessons that John has learned from his mentors

In this episode…

No matter what industry you are breaking into, there are always going to be setbacks. John Berry, the CEO of Berry Law Firm, believes that a willingness to take on whatever obstacles are thrown your way—what he calls a “warrior ethos”—is the key to overcoming failure and finding success.

John knows that failure is a part of life, but instead of worrying about what could go wrong, he worries about missing out on the opportunities that are presented to him. This is the gutsy mindset that has led to his acclaimed success in both the military and the courtroom.

Join Luis Scott in this episode of The Guts and Glory Show as he interviews John Berry, the CEO of Berry Law Firm, about his distinguished practice and the services that it provides to veterans. John also shares his insights into discovering your passion, the importance of perspective when dealing with setbacks, and the best pieces of advice he’s received from his mentors. Stay tuned.

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