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The One Word

In this episode:

Luis Scott is the Owner of 8 Figure Firm, which provides consulting services and insider knowledge to national law firms. He has helped hundreds of law firms in the US reach multiple seven figures in revenue in less than two years. As a former lawyer, Luis has received numerous awards and accolades, including Super Lawyers’ “Rising Star,” The National Trial Lawyers Association’s “Top 40 Lawyers Under 40,” and the American Institute of Legal Counsel’s “10 Best Attorneys in 2017” for workers’ compensation. 

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How to set and achieve goals for the new year
  • The importance of focusing on one word for the year

In this episode…

Goals without action are merely dreams. Yet many entrepreneurs develop multiple goals and become overwhelmed and frustrated when they can’t achieve them. By concentrating on one word throughout the entire year, you can transform your personal and professional life.

Growth coach Luis Scott decided to make an impact in every area of his life. This allowed him to achieve his goals efficiently and effectively. He maintains that rather than setting multiple goals and hoping to remain focused throughout, you can select one word to fulfill in your life and maximize your accomplishments. When faced with a pivotal decision, try focusing on how you can execute the word to facilitate action.

Welcome back to The Guts and Glory Show with Luis Scott. Today, he talks about how to achieve your goals effectively. He shares how the book One Word That Will Change Your Life impacted his decision-making and goal-setting strategies.

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After spending years searching for the ideal law firm consulting program, Luis started 8 Figure Firm to use his hands-on experience to help other law firms achieve exponential growth. 

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Episode Transcript

Luis Scott 0:00

There is a reason why I can run two companies still go to date night every week, still hang out with my kids still go to the lake in the boat, still take a vacation, still do all my emails, still do all my PowerPoint pres, there’s a reason for that. Because when I’m in the zone, I’m in the zone.

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Get ready to be amazed. Get ready to be transformed. Get ready to believe it is possible. You’re entering the growth zone, on the Guts and Glory Show with your host Luis Scott.

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Guys, welcome to the Guts and Glory Show. My name is Luis and I am your host, and I’m excited to get this year started talking about several topics that are really, really important to me, especially as you’re starting the new year, you want to start asking yourself the question, What am I going to accomplish this year? What are the goals that I want to reach in my life? And I think a lot of times we don’t give much thought to that we just go every day. And it’s the same thing over and over and over again. And I want that cycle to stop for you. I want the new year to actually be a new year for you. But how do we do that? You know, for me, I’ve had health goals for many, many years that I don’t accomplish, I can’t tell you the amount of times I told myself, I was going to have a six pack, I can’t tell you the amount of times I told myself that I was going to get out of debt or that I was going to save to buy a brand new car or or to you know pay cash for something or to not procrastinate paying for a vacation. But year after year, I would wouldn’t do it, I would find myself in the exact same position. And, you know, recently I had my my wife sent me an article and it was like that, if you lost one pound a week, not two pounds, not three pounds, but one pound per week, in one year, you lose 52 pounds. I mean, imagine how much different you would look how much more confident you would be how much more courage you would have if you achieved that sort of goal. But what happens is that we want the quick fix, we want to be the type of person that gets the results immediately. And I understand this because when I was in my 20s, I wanted to have quick success, I wanted to be the guy who was driving the luxury vehicle in their 20s that had money in their 20s that could pay for, you know, going out and could go to vacations. But really the key is setting goals that that help you stay focus help you stay focused. And so I read this book one time was called the one word and that book completely changed my life. And the reason is that I realized that staying focus was not about setting a bunch of goals like losing weight, or going to the gym or making more money, but rather by living by a word, like a word that would dominate your self, personally, professionally, financially, spiritually, emotionally. And so I started doing this several years ago. And what I found out was that I would achieve my goals much easier. I found out that I would actually have more success and reaching the goals that I had for my life, I found out that I was able to do more without having more goals. And so I incorporated this in my personal life. And then I realized, what if I incorporated this in my business life? What if What if my business became this one word, we didn’t have a bunch of goals, we just had this one word. Now, for those of you guys in business, just know I do have business goals, that’s more to keep the team in line and to keep the team motivated and understanding what it is that we expect from them. But I had one word, one word that I wanted to fulfill in my life. And so I changed, I changed myself from having a bunch of goals, and looking for a lot of outcomes to just living by this one word. And for me the word became impact. And that’s the word that I chose for this year impact. And that is to make an impact in my health, to make an impact in my mind to make an impact in my personal growth to make an impact in my family, to make an impact in my business to make an impact with my friends. And so whenever I’m asked to do something, or I’m tasked with the project, or I’m thinking or contemplating about, should I move in this direction? Or should I move in the other direction? And I’m not sure I asked myself what’s going to create the biggest impact? What is going to create the biggest impact for my family? What’s going to create the biggest impact for my business? And then I focus on that. And so I asked you the question, what is your word for the year? What’s the one year what’s the one word that’s going to drive you this year? What’s the one word that is going to carry you personally, professionally and financially this year? Don’t set a bunch of goals. Sure goals are great. But goals without action are just wishes. And so instead of setting a bunch of goals if you’ve always been the type of person that doesn’t hit your goals that quit By the end of January, I want you to set a one word goal and to live that word out the rest of the year. And if you do that, what you’ll find is you’re going to achieve more. And you’re going to feel better about the year at the end of the year. Because you’re going to be able to look back and say, was I impactful? Was I impactful in my business? Was I impactful with my friends, my family? Was I impactful. In my health? Was I impactful in my spiritual walk? And if you can say yes, you will have achieved that year. So pick your one word, and let that be the word that guides you in 2024 You’ve been listening to the Guts and Glory Show.

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