Noemi Puntier

He’s an example of what we all want. He’s a Godly man and he’s just so confident in his knowledge. I mean he’s changed my life!

Audrey Chisholm

If you are thinking about working with Luis and 8 Figure Firm, listen, don’t even think about it. Make the investment. It is an investment, and it may feel like a sacrifice, but it is worth every penny.

Ayesha Chidolue

Our revenues have also almost doubled since we started working with him and you know we’ve actually streamlined, we’ve rebranded.

Mastermind Testimonial

Renew. Refresh. Restore, See your revenue grow in 12-18 months for Lawyers, by Lawyers.

Cy Cortez

The power and importance of gratitude and acknowledgment of your staff and the team and creating a community environment for them is imperative.

Angela Jones

I met Luis back in October and began working with him one-on-one. We really pushed and ended up having our highest month ever!