Vanessa Vasquez

The type of event that’s Seth and Luis put together is unique.

Melaniece McKnight

It was amazing having an opportunity to speak directly with Luis. But my number one takeaway was the leadership and the importance of execution in executing quickly.

Michelle Astor

Super instrumental in just 90 days of being with them, it’s worth every minute, every penny of investment.

Laura Robinson

I thought both Seth and Luis’s talks showed great vulnerability and told us that it wasn’t perfect from the beginning for them, how they overcame those challenges which feel so similar to ours. And I’m very inspired to use what they have taught us in our own law firm.

Kara Wilde

So this was my very first mastermind and it’s a lot different than other programs that I’ve been to for workshops and things like that. So it was really more impactful because I knew it was coming from a place that was really rooted in love for other people and for rooting for other people’s success and not being a sales pitch.

Brett Harrison

They’re talking from experience about what to expect, understand the next step, understand the pitfalls, and they’re their to help guide you.