Ted Sink

I’m very impressed, it’s just extraordinary. But here you’re getting an in-depth where you’re running through difficult topics like hiring, onboarding, building culture, and not just getting these platitudes but the nuts and bolts that you need to actually implement for yourself.

Damon Pendleton

He gave me some metrics that were very beneficial and they’ve been beneficial to kind of guide our budgeting and that has helped us tremendously.

Juan Quintanilla

For me, one of the biggest was the business ratio aspect of how we’re spending or investing our revenues.


The main takeaway I think that was really huge for me is I definitely like to operate and intentionally try to operate from a place of love and all of my dealings, whether it’s personal or professional.

David Goldstein

Falling on the sword of the things that I wanted to do and I haven’t done, So I got all that from all these different sessions.

John Rizvi

I really loved the organization discussion today because it’s the first time in mastermind, that I’ve seen focus on something other than total revenues.